No job is outside of our reach. Sub divisions, cinemas, restaurants, warehouses and retail spaces – we’ve done it all. If you have plans to open a business, or have an existing business with changes to be made then we will be able to take care of any task no matter how demanding.


Getting the right lighting and security system, through to finding where to place your desks and power points. Getting an office space setup right from the get go is what you ultimately want. From working with smaller growing businesses, through to larger corporate giants – we will deal with any alterations and wiring as per your requirements.


Whether it be in a residential or commercial setting we are dedicated to providing effective solutions for communication and data transfer. If a customized system is needed we are able to design and install a high quality system in order to suit your environment and requirements.


Here at First Point we deal with property management companies and individuals daily, servicing homes and offices all across Auckland. We are the first point of call for urgent matters such as power outages and no hot water, through to regular checks and making sure wiring is safe, and the likes of oven repairs, smoke alarm installations, and general renovations. We pride ourselves on communication and quick turn around for our partners.


Much like your motor vehicle, it pays to keep an eye on the general electrical state of your work place. Maintenance on your property can prevent such things as failed fuses and blown equipment, power outages & disruption in your work day, spikes in power consumption, fires, and unnecessary spending to rectify faults down the line.

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