Be it a heated towel rail that isn’t heating up, a hot water cylinder that just can’t get the water hot, or maybe lights blowing frequently throughout the house. Electrical issues span far and wide inside your home and we have seen every issue you can imagine. What ever your problem is we will be happy to help.


Stocking every option under the sun our professional installers can safely install all standard, halogen, and LED Lighting options you wish in your home. From indoor down lights, outdoor bulk heads, to extraction fan light combos – we’ll get it done.

We have a range of LED Lights choose from. To talk about our full range, visit us in store or phone us on 0508 WIREME.


Guaranteed Work

All our work is guaranteed and performed by qualified master electricians with years of experience. Should anything with our workmanship go wrong, we’ll fix it for you in no time. All work is also covered by public liability insurance which means that you can rest easy.


As an accredited Fujitsu installer we offer an impressive 6 year warranty on every unit installed by us. With near 1000 Heat Pumps installed in homes across Auckland we are use to keeping families warm and dry. We also stock and install all other major brands such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Gree.

We have a range of Heat Pumps to choose from, but it is recommend you visit us in store or speak to us on 0508 WIREME.

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When you’re looking at getting a pre loved car, you get it checked right? Well its no different for your own home. We frequently check over wiring, power circuits and homes top to bottom to make sure everything is safe and compliant.


From relocating power points, to installing new safe wiring, to getting that outdoor spot light working as it should – we can fix up your homes wiring. Be it from age, or issues arising through water or fire damage; perhaps you are doing some renovations and things need to be swapped around – we will get it done.


Power outages, short circuits, expensive bills spiking over the place, fuses blowing – these are all issues that can arise if there are issues with your switchboard. Old switchboards are more prone to issues and failure so make sure you get in touch if you think yours is out-dated or experiencing issues.

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