Difficult jobs? We’ll sort them out

We provide a comprehensive range of Auckland electrical services. So, whether your job is commercial or residential, we’ve got you covered.

This includes all home electrical services, from heat pump servicing and installation, to repairs, lighting installation, rewiring and switchboard upgrading.

We do pre-purchase and insurance inspections – and all our work, carried out by master electricians, is guaranteed.


We only use products that perform

Unreliable products are not only irritating but can be hazardous. For example, you don’t want smoke alarms that fail early and leave you unprotected.

We use LED lights, heat pumps and smoke alarms that we know perform and can be relied on.

Our LED lights are all made in either New Zealand or Australia, and the four different brands meet every conceivable lighting need, such as strip lighting, downlighting, globes, cabinet and panel lighting, and others.

Our people are trained to install heat pumps one way only – that is the right way, not the fast way. We are accredited Fujitsu heat pump installers and specialise in Fujitsu because of their price and performance.

Finally, smoke alarms. Cavius may be the best smoke alarm you’ve never heard of. You won’t find them in your local supermarket, and they’re dearer than the ones there. But they are superior – and look a lot better.

Check out our range of services below or get in touch to discuss your requirements.


"I’ve used First Point Electrical on commercial and residential projects. They are my ONLY preferred supplier for electrical services." Lance Millward – Freelance Installations

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