Heat Pumps

You’ll love your new heat pump

Heat pumps are much more efficient than conventional heaters and will keep your home healthy and warm through the miserable months.

So, if you are building or renovating, include heat pump installation in your plans. Installation is easier, and even neater, when there is open access to wall and ceiling cavities. For example, cabling, piping and drainage can be hidden out of sight.

We specialise in Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and have a range of heat pumps to choose from. We’re an accredited Fujitsu installer and provide a six-year warranty on every unit we install.

Our heat pumps are priced lower than most large department stores, so it pays to talk to us first when thinking of heat pumps and air conditioning.


We install heat pumps the best way

There’s usually either a right way or a fast way to install heat pumps. We are properly trained, and we always do the job the right way. Correct installation is vital for heat pump longevity. We’re particular about workmanship and service and are committed to ensuring your heat pump performs its best for years.

Increasing numbers of customers are taking advantage of the ready access in new builds to install ducted systems. We can advise you on this option. If you’re building or rebuilding, ask us about our hot water heat pump installations for even more savings on your power bill.

So, if you need heat pump installation in Auckland, we’re your guys – get in touch


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