Property Managers

Your qualified electrical partner

We deal with commercial and residential property management companies and individuals every day. We’re the first people to call for urgent matters.

A quick electrical response may be needed because of power outages and no hot water, or unsafe wiring. On the other hand, you may want regular scheduled checks, smoke alarm installations, and even general renovations. NZ law requires landlords to keep their rental properties in a reasonable state of repair. Among a number of things, this means keeping the electrical wiring safe and working properly. We are your experts to achieve this.

So, if you’re a property manager and need a qualified electrical technician to look after your rental properties’ electrical needs – get in touch.


"Consistently excellent service from major work planned with my investment property owners, through to small emergencies that are essential to my tenants. First Point make what is important to my business, important to their business, which is truly appreciated. Excellent service!" Carmyn Jane McEwan – Saltark Property Management


"Wendell Property use First Point Electrical daily, their team are fantastic to deal with honest and reliable which is rare for people in this trade. Cannot recommend them enough. Keep up the good work guys!" Ashley Giles – Wendell Property Management

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