Switchboard Upgrades

Time to switch out your switchboard?

Switchboards, especially old ones, can be a source of outages, short circuits, expensive bills and fuses blowing. They can be dangerous.

Old switchboards may have several hazards when compared with modern switchboards:

  1. House wiring that doesn’t meet today’s standards. It’s a greater risk for shorts, sparks and fires.
  2. Old insulation that may have deteriorated, and exposed wires. Picture that potential danger!
  3. No residual current device (RCD). RCDs will disconnect the power before an electric shock or any damage to property can occur.
  4. Old switchboards may contain asbestos.

If you intend to carry out extensive changes to your home, you may have to upgrade your switchboard as part of the building consent.

Get in touch to get your switchboard or electrical panel upgrade sorted.

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